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The tour at Helvetia Winery was nothing short of incredible. I learned so much about the wine making process and some local history as well. Tasting wines straight from the barrel followed by an extremely informative bottled wine tasting was so much fun. WAY above and beyond what I expected. I’ll definitely be back!” ~Sharissa D.

Learn about winemaking and enjoy the Helvetia brand of Oregon sunshine along with tribal-caught Columbia River salmon. The tour starts with the “dirt on dirt” an explanation of terroir, the unique characteristics of a vineyard that, when paired with a wine grape varietal, produces the grapes that constitute the wine. We also add a short history of the land now called Helvetia including an introduction to the Atfalati, the original inhabitants who enjoyed life on a rich oak savannah prior to contact with European fur trappers and then American explorers.

Discussion is followed by a short walk or ride (depending upon the weather and the mobility of our guests) to the winery where we will explain the winemaking process and taste a bit of the 2015 vintage from the barrels.

The tour concludes with a tasting of the wines we are currently offering paired with tribal-caught smoked salmon from the Columbia River.

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Interesting tour – great wine, nice people. Ann V.

We have just listed tour dates through March on our booking calendar so, once they’ve received their gift voucher, your friends will be able to choose a convenient date and time to visit.  Tours will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as Tuesday through Thursday during Christmas week.

What a great Living Social. We probably would have never found this gem of a winery without this special. The tour was great, the wine was even better and John was very informative and a perfect host. Looking forward to our next visit. ~Tony and Raechill