The picking of the pinot noir started bright and early at 7am this morning! So far the workers have harvested more than 10,000 pounds of grapes!

Look at the beautiful pinot noir.



Charlie and Claudia destemming pinot noir.

We’ve been working hard to get the grapes crushed, destemmed and ready for fermenting. A crusher destemmer (or as John likes to say the “Lucy/Ethel machine” is used before fermenting starts to separate the wine grapes from their stems.


The wine grapes are put into the top of the machine.



And come out looking like this! These grapes are ready for S02, fermenting and the upcoming punchdowns!


John is the expert forklift driver.

John is the expert forklift driver.

No winery would be complete without a trusty forklift and forklift driver. Clearly after 20 years of harvesting grapes John is the absolute best person for the job!


Muchas gracias Cindy!

And of course after a hard earned 4 hours of non-stop picking of grapes the workers sat down to enjoy a nice lunch prepared by the one and only Cindy Materi!

Next mission…..The pinot gris!