Batch PDX chocolatier who coined the term “Chocolate Hedonism” is back again in time for Valentine’s Day

batch PDX banner

Jeremy Karp’s  special selection of  Batch PDX truffles will be in the Winery this weekend through February. Batch PDX took the world of chocolate by storm in 2013 when Jeremy developed a line of artisan truffles  that has Food & Wine, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week and The Oregonian singing it’s praises.


Batch PDX uses all local ingredients, and puts an avant-garde twist on the traditional truffle with inventive ingredients like ghost peppers and passion fruit. Chocolate expert Valerie Beck calls Karp “A Chocolate Magician…some of the most exquisite I’ve tasted in quite some time. Everyone who sampled from my batch of Batch PDX fell into rapture and reverence.”

Ghost Pepper Truffle

Ghost Pepper Truffle

Come in on through Valentine’s Day and taste for yourself why Batch PDX chocolates are so special.  Our 2009 Pinot Noir is tasting especially well with Batch PDX truffles, and we can help you put together a thoughtful and delicious Valentine’s Day combination. Last year we sold out of Batch PDX chocolates, so plan on getting here early.